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Good News! Wind Measurement Leader! MOVELASER Connector

China Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. certification
China Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. certification
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I am very satisfied with the after-sales service attitude, the product quality is excellent, and I hope to continue to maintain it

—— Liyong Xiong

Your company's products have shown excellent performance and excellent quality during operation, providing strong support in scenarios such as early project wind measurement and operational project evaluation; Your team provides timely response, effective communication, and thoughtful service in equipment installation, maintenance.

—— Yunda Li

After the product finds problems, it can be quickly dealt with after the sale. It is recommended to make the product suitable for more environments。

—— Jiemin Fu

Overall I am very satisfied and hope to continue to provide us with more advanced, reliable and stable radar equipment.

—— Fan Yang

It is hoped that the products will continue to be optimized, updated and iterated, the quality will be more stable, and the service, delivery and after-sales will continue to maintain high quality, and achieve the industry-leading level.

—— Yuwei Wang

The delivery of the product, the processing of the equipment is very timely

—— Long Chen

Positive attitude of marketing personnel, timely after-sales service

—— Kai Zhao

Continue to work hard, win-win cooperation

—— Yuyan Xie

The equipment is easy to install and suitable for unit testing.

—— Luke Wang

The equipment and service are very good, and I look forward to continuing cooperation in the future.

—— Mingjie Zhou

The ground-based wind lidar has good performance and has been recognized by our internal and complete machine manufacturers, and there is no objection to the test results. The sales staff have extensive technical knowledge and professional answers. The on-site staff are active and look forward to cooperating again.

—— Kunpeng Lu

In the radar installation service, the marketing personnel have good attitude, strong technical ability, and solve problems in place, which provides a solid guarantee for the transportation and installation of lidar.

—— Liang Gao

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Company News
Good News! Wind Measurement Leader! MOVELASER Connector
Latest company news about Good News! Wind Measurement Leader! MOVELASER Connector



"Wind power pacesetter" returns with honor


01: Molas NL Cabin Wind Lidar award winning



Lead the wind measurement technology upgrade, power wind industry progress. January 8, 2021 (the first) sponsored by the China wind power network BBS "wind power leader" technology innovation and the award ceremony was successfully held in Beijing, nanjing, pastoral radium laser technology co., LTD. In the field of wind equipment made "wind power leader" title, "Molas NL cabin type wind lidar won the award for best components.




01: Molas NL engine-room wind lidar



Fan standard product "eye of the wind" -- Molas NL engine room type wind measuring lidar. The radar system provides measurement and recording of wind speed and blade distance information required by the fan. The main control system connected to the fan can realize yaw control, load optimization, power curve test, intelligent field control and other functions in automatic operation scenarios.


Compared with traditional wind tower, liDAR has obvious advantages in power curve measurement. Cabin radar can be easily measured, easy to reuse, low cost. Engine room radar is installed in the fan engine room, avoiding terrain, land acquisition and other problems. Engine room radar can accompany the fan yaw, realtime alignment of the wind direction, can greatly increase the effective data, shorten the test time. Cabin radar can greatly reduce such risks and higher costs.






Mu radium laser with high performance, high reliability, low cost products

With many famous international fan manufacturers, owners, various weather bureau,

Third party organizations, etc

Take root in the global market with comprehensive and deep internationalization ability


In the future

The company will continue to implement science and technology self-reliance

Speed up the upgrading of wind power technology

To achieve the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral" to provide green power

Continue to lead the upgrade of wind measurement technology

To help the wind power industry progress




Copywriting/editing/typesetting: Molas Marketing Team



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