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News丨Movelaser joined the IEC/TC88 plenary meeting organized by TC50

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Your company's products have shown excellent performance and excellent quality during operation, providing strong support in scenarios such as early project wind measurement and operational project evaluation; Your team provides timely response, effective communication, and thoughtful service in equipment installation, maintenance.

—— Yunda Li

After the product finds problems, it can be quickly dealt with after the sale. It is recommended to make the product suitable for more environments。

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The ground-based wind lidar has good performance and has been recognized by our internal and complete machine manufacturers, and there is no objection to the test results. The sales staff have extensive technical knowledge and professional answers. The on-site staff are active and look forward to cooperating again.

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In the radar installation service, the marketing personnel have good attitude, strong technical ability, and solve problems in place, which provides a solid guarantee for the transportation and installation of lidar.

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News丨Movelaser joined the IEC/TC88 plenary meeting organized by TC50
Latest company news about News丨Movelaser joined the IEC/TC88 plenary meeting organized by TC50



      National Technical Committee on Wind Power of Standardization Administration of China (TC50), in order to further carry out international standardization work, has substantially participated in the formulation and revision of IEC/TC88 standards. On May 13, the "Plenary meeting of IEC/TC88 Technical Committee on Wind Power Generation System" was held online. 33 working groups from IEC/TC88 and more than 100 Chinese working group members attended the meeting, which was hosted by the secretariat of the National Technical Committee on Wind Power Standardization of China.




At the meeting, the secretariat of the Wind Standard Committee reported to the participating members the relevant situation of China's participation in IEC/TC88 international standardization work, the progress in the formulation of the proposed international standard for wind power, the specific requirements of the working group for Chinese enterprises to declare the international standard, and the next work plan of the wind Standard Committee. Then, Convener of THE Working Group on International Standards for JWG 25 "Communication of Wind Farm Monitoring Systems", WG 3 "Design Requirements for Offshore Wind Turbines" and PT 61400-6 "Wind turbines" Representatives of 31 working groups on international standards, including tower and foundation design, reported in detail the progress of the revision of current international standards, the convening of meetings and the specific responsibilities they undertook. All agreed that the conference has a clear theme and strong pertinence, which provides a good communication platform for China's wind power workers.


By the revision of the international standard IEC/TC88 organization system wide attention by the global wind power industry, the national standardization technical committee of wind power as an institution of contact IEC/TC88 counterparts, will continue to promote China's wind power enterprise quality to participate in international standardization activities, further enhance the participation of the international standard, improve the voice in the wind power standards, Give full play to the responsibility of making China's voice heard and improving the image of China's wind power.


Source: National Technical Committee on Wind Power of Standardization Administration


MOVELASER participates in the international standards development process


Since 2019, MOVELASER, as the first wind measuring lidar supplier in China, has participated in the Technical Committee on Wind Power Systems (IEC/TC88) PT61400-50-3, Wind Power Systems Part 50-3: Wind Energy Generation Systems - Part 50-3: Use of Engine-room LiDAR in Wind Speed Measurement Use of Nacelle Mounted lidars for Wind Measurements) International Standard Working Group, PT61400-50-4 "Wind Power Generation Systems - Part 50-4: "Wind Energy Generation Systems - Part 50-4: Use of Floating Lidars for Wind Measurements" (Wind Energy Generation Systems - Part 50-4: Use of Floating Lidars for Wind Measurements) IEC 61400-50-3 has been officially released and implemented in January 2022.


At present, engine-room wind measuring liDAR has become the standard of many intelligent wind turbines, through which the fan can obtain more accurate information of the wind in front of the impeller in the engine-room, so as to implement a more reasonable control strategy. In addition, for the offshore wind turbines, offshore wind tower not only cost is high, there is also long construction period, the difficult problem, use the cabin type radar to carry out the power performance test will has a very high cost performance, 50-3 standards for measuring wind lidar in standardization and standardization of development and application of industry played an important role.


With the large-scale development of offshore wind power, wind field assessment using floating radar is also a hot spot in the industry. 50-4 Under the leadership of Peter Clive from Black & Veatch, a new version of the working draft (WD) is in progress. Offline group discussions and further revisions are expected to take place in Glasgow in June, and a draft committee (CD) is expected to be submitted to the IEC Secretariat in July. The final standard is planned to be officially published by the end of 2023. The standard will unify three guidance documents: (1) recommended operational procedures for floating radars by the IEA expert team, (2) Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap, and (3) Lidar Uncertainty Standard Review (LUSR), laying the foundation for large-scale standardized use of floating wind measuring lidar systems.



Prospect of standardization of laser wind measurement


As an advanced wind field measuring equipment, lidar has many advantages such as the highest temporal and spatial resolution in the industry compared with the traditional wind measuring method. Over the past 20 years, the technology has developed rapidly and is becoming an integral part of the modern wind energy landscape. It has incomparable advantages in wind resource assessment, power performance testing, power prediction, fan intelligent control and other application scenarios, and will become a new digital engine to drive the development and operation of wind farms. Since the release of IEC 61400-12-1 (2017), remote sensing technology represented by lidar has formally stepped into the standardization process; The release of 50-3 and the promotion of 50-4 also represent the recognition of engine room and floating wind measurement in the wind power industry. However, there is still a gap in application fields such as radar-assisted fan control system and power prediction system based on wind measuring radar.


MOVELASER (global business, 15 countries in five continents, ground radar delivered more than hundred & implement a wide range of rental business, cabin radar delivery about more than thousand Taiwan, clearance delivery about more than thousand units, Marine application performance more than hundred units) as the leading enterprise in laser wind wind power industry technology, the hope can and industry from all walks of life together, Based on its profound technical accumulation and rich industrial experience, it has contributed to the standardization process of wind lidar industry and helped the digital upgrade of the national wind power industry.


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