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NEWS丨Movelaser lidar Molas B300 successfully passed the Kazakhstan winter test smooth acceptance

China Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. certification
China Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. certification
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I am very satisfied with the after-sales service attitude, the product quality is excellent, and I hope to continue to maintain it

—— Liyong Xiong

Your company's products have shown excellent performance and excellent quality during operation, providing strong support in scenarios such as early project wind measurement and operational project evaluation; Your team provides timely response, effective communication, and thoughtful service in equipment installation, maintenance.

—— Yunda Li

After the product finds problems, it can be quickly dealt with after the sale. It is recommended to make the product suitable for more environments。

—— Jiemin Fu

Overall I am very satisfied and hope to continue to provide us with more advanced, reliable and stable radar equipment.

—— Fan Yang

It is hoped that the products will continue to be optimized, updated and iterated, the quality will be more stable, and the service, delivery and after-sales will continue to maintain high quality, and achieve the industry-leading level.

—— Yuwei Wang

The delivery of the product, the processing of the equipment is very timely

—— Long Chen

Positive attitude of marketing personnel, timely after-sales service

—— Kai Zhao

Continue to work hard, win-win cooperation

—— Yuyan Xie

The equipment is easy to install and suitable for unit testing.

—— Luke Wang

The equipment and service are very good, and I look forward to continuing cooperation in the future.

—— Mingjie Zhou

The ground-based wind lidar has good performance and has been recognized by our internal and complete machine manufacturers, and there is no objection to the test results. The sales staff have extensive technical knowledge and professional answers. The on-site staff are active and look forward to cooperating again.

—— Kunpeng Lu

In the radar installation service, the marketing personnel have good attitude, strong technical ability, and solve problems in place, which provides a solid guarantee for the transportation and installation of lidar.

—— Liang Gao

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Company News
NEWS丨Movelaser lidar Molas B300 successfully passed the Kazakhstan winter test smooth acceptance
Latest company news about NEWS丨Movelaser lidar Molas B300 successfully passed the Kazakhstan winter test smooth acceptance



On December 17,2021, the lidar wind measurement project of Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd. in northern Kazakhstan was successfully completed.After three months of cold winter test, the data efficiency has reached more than 99%, which has been highly recognized by customers.


Project situation: Northern Kazakhstan has severe cold freezing and snowfall effects, and the minimum temperature can reach minus 40℃, resulting in the low efficiency of the wind measurement data collected by the existing wind tower.The satellite map of the project site is shown in Figure 1.



latest company news about NEWS丨Movelaser lidar Molas B300 successfully passed the Kazakhstan winter test smooth acceptance  1

graph 1


After full communication, according to the project requirements and the actual situation on site, our company plans to use the ground-based wind measurement lidar Molas B300 product to supplement the wind measurement of the project area, and use the radar wind measurement data to insert and correct the wind measurement data.The Molas B300 series ground-based wind measurement lidar laser has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, high equipment reliability, low temperature resistance, strong environmental adaptability, easy installation and movement, and data safety and reliability, which can provide more accurate and reliable data basis for the project.


After fully communicating with the customer and passing the field investigation, the project was installed on December 16,2021, and finally the installation and debugging were successfully completed on December 17,2021, and the wind measurement data was also sent normally. The project was successfully completed in only 2 days (Figure 2).


latest company news about NEWS丨Movelaser lidar Molas B300 successfully passed the Kazakhstan winter test smooth acceptance  2

graph 2


It has been three months since the completion of the Moals B300 installation, and it operates normally under about minus 40℃ of cold and low temperature, with excellent data integrity, which has been highly appreciated by customers.

After the verification of a large number of practical projects and the feedback from many domestic and foreign customers, Molas B300 can even ensure high accuracy in areas with high temperature, high humidity, high incidence of freezing and lightning strikes.


Molas B300 is an all-fiber Doppler ground-based wind measurement lidar independently developed by our company through years of accumulated project application experience and innovative wind measurement technology. Based on the Doppler frequency effect, we can measure the wind speed at 30-300 meters above the radar through VAD scanning vector synthesis technology.Molas B300 has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stable system performance, easy maintenance, safe and reliable data, convenient use, and is an effective alternative to the wind tower.At present, it has passed the test and certification of the world authoritative wind power evaluation agencies WINDGUARD, DTU, DNV-GL, Scale certification, China Meteorological Administration, and can be widely used in wind resource assessment, wind farm post-assessment, wind power prediction system, wind farm operation management, atmospheric physics research, weather detection and forecast and other scenarios.


In the future, Muradium will continue to take high quality products, advanced technology and quality service as the theme, lead the development of the global wind measurement technology industry, and contribute its own strength to help the goal of "double carbon".


Copywriting/editing/typesetting: Molas Marketing Team


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